ID CODE: 26951



Container port and holding system

The AQUAPORT is a state of the art purification facility and a fully integrated holding system. It is capable of receiving up to 25 AQUALIFE containers per week and holding 50 tonnes of live shellfish.The AQUAPORT systems are computer controlled and can be managed through internet connection from remote locations.

The AQUAPORT has been developed to meet international legislation for bio-protection and public health. The AQUAPORT is engineered to eliminate the risk of the spread of disease or invasive species. The AQUAPORT is equipped with a water replacement system and brine that can connects directly with a freshwater resource. The AQUASTORE is well suited to hold bivalves at large biomass and also can be used as a plug-in depuration system.

The AQUAPORT can function independently of a seawater resource.

State of the art PLC systems have been developed in order to assure that the ideal water parameters are
maintained at all times.



- Holds up to 260,000 litre of water
- Holds up to 50 ton of live shellfish
- Purifies 20,000 litre of water per hour down to 0,01 microns
- Remove all bacteria and organic material
- Cools 20,000 litre of water from 20 degrees Celsius to 2 degrees Celsius per hour
- Reuses transport water or purifies it prior to discharge
- Storage systems are Compartmentalized; there is no risk of cross contamination
- Independent from water resource, can intake sea or fresh water
- Can handle up to 25 AQUALIFE tanks per week

AQUAPORT Components

- 40M3 brine tank for low salinity water intake
- 80M3 waste water tank
- 80M3 clean water mixing tank
- 4 tank strings holding 80 AQUALIFE tanks in refrigerated warehouse
- 40 foot container houses all purification technology
- Buffer tank system in storage area
- Connectivity to 4 x AQUALIFE container at any given time