ID CODE: 26951



During ocean freight the container operates as a low surveillance transport unit with very little breakdown risk. The tanks and containers can operate for long term storage when connected to the docking stations and as individual transportation units.


  Once the environment in the container is hibernating and is sterile the container can be released for ocean freight: the container can maintain the environment for up to 20 days.

  The containers are equipped with a double compressor system that through the container's piping system supplies air to the tanks during ocean freight.

  The piping system can operate individual tanks or interconnect with the whole system, the container connects with the docking stations from the outside.

  Temperature and flow is monitored and managed by the containers' PLC system, after ocean freight it is possible to read all temperatures and possible power-outs from the ocean freight.

  The container is labelled with special alert signs for crane operators and other handling personnel.

  Temperature can be maintained by the container during ocean freight.

  Alarm systems with GPS interaction alerting the responsible of power outs etc.


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